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Home Theater Integration Solutions

    This is an area we feel here at STS is not talked about enough! Today's technology revolves around the internet and a lot of your important appliances such as:

  • Thermostats For A/C
  • Refrigerators
  • Faucets
  • Home Lighting
  • Doors
  • Security Systems

These devices/Systems are now also now connected to the internet! A lot of consumers look past this because they feel its not a PC and it cant get viruses.

   This is actually INCORRECT! these devices are essentially mini computers with operating systems inside and are using network ports and recourses.

These everyday devices and appliances are just as vulnerable to the internet as your computers.

    Just imagine coming home to find the A/C wont turn on, the refrigerator is off, the lights and water will not turn off or you  cant even open your front door anymore? Infact this has already been happening with Ransomware on thermostats and smart refrigerators, where a message on the touch screen requesting a form of payment to gain control back. 

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Get A FREE Onsite Consultation Assessment Today!

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